• Treating patients with understanding and care
  • Adding the human touch of sensitivity and empathy
  • Individualised/customised plan of treatment based on each patient’s requirements
  • High chances of conception – 9 out of 10 couples consulting and trusting IVI to achieve their dream of becoming parents
  • Highly successful track-record – over 100,000 healthy babies born worldwide at IVI clinics
  • Only center in the UAE that offers dedicated patient counselling
  • Continuity of patient care partners in pregnancy care.
  • Provide patient treatment with honesty and integrity. We provide tailored treatment based on the best interests of patients and the best clinical practices. * Evidence-based medicine – our treatment practices are dictated by the latest and most up to date clinical knowledge and evidence-based medicine.

  • Xiltrix- We value highest level of quality in what we do. On the same lines, we monitor all our critical resources (which affect the outcome of our treatment) with state of art monitoring system called as Xiltrix. Xiltrix monitoring system monitors temperature, pressure, humidity, gases, etc.

  • RI Witness – Accurate patient identity is at the heart of our practice. We have the highest standards of patient identification. To facilitate this, we also have RI witness to identify the patients and the procedures.

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