Phase 1 Your first visit

Personalised patient care

Before the start of IUI treatment, we will perform an ultrasound scan to rule out any abnormality which could be present. Extensive counselling will familiarise you with the planned treatment.

Phase 2 Ovarian stimulation (10-12 days)

This procedure is necessary for improving the chances of success, as in natural terms, women only produce one or two follicles, and therefore one or two eggs, in each menstrual cycle. This treatment consists of stimulating the ovary, so increasing the chances of achieving pregnancy. The treatment lasts 10-12 days. During treatment, a series of ultrasound scans will be performed – around 3 or 4 – and the level of blood estradiol will be determined to check that the growth and development of the follicle(s) is/are normal.

Phase 3 Ovulation induction

Once the ultrasound scans show that the follicle(s)is/are the correct size, we will prepare for the insemination by giving ahCG injection to mature the eggs in the follicles and trigger ovulation 36 hours later.

Phase 4 Preparation of the semen

This is done around 2 hours prior to insemination to collect the fastest motile sperm.

Phase 5 Insemination

The prepared spermatozoa are introduced into the uterine cavity.

Phase 6 Pregnancy test

Pregnancy test2 weeks after the insemination

Phase 7 Ultrasound scan

If the test is positive, a vaginal ultrasound scan will need to be carried out one week later in order to see the gestational sac and about 2 weeks later to see the foetal heartbeat

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