IUI is a technique provided by our clinic to help you conceive. In this technique, washed and prepared sperm are injected into the wife’s uterus through the cervix in a prepared menstrual cycle.

IUI can be done in natural cycles or in controlled ones, where the wife takes hormones to stimulate the ovaries to produce a few oocytes instead of one or two in natural cycle.

The growth of the follicles is monitored by ultrasound to ensure that there is no risk of multiple pregnancy and to determine the right time for the IUI. Once the follicle (s) have reached the correct size, ovulation is triggered by another injection called human ChoronicGonadotrophin (hCG). This trigger shot allows the egg(s) to mature in the follicle(s) get them ready for release 36 hours later. The IUI will be scheduled 24 - 36 hours later.

IUI is recommended when:

  • The male’s semen sample is slightly below the normal range
  • When a couple cannot have intercourse even after psycho-sexual counselling
  • In cases where couples don't have an obvious cause of infertility, the so-called unexplained infertility.
  • Females with ovulation problems or mild endometriosis, as long as the fallopian tubes are open

If there is no pregnancy after three insemination treatments, further IUI-treatments are not recommended.

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