IVI Middle East offers most advanced and comprehensive clinics for international patients and our services are validated by our partner, IVI to match global standards. In short we offer affordable, world-class infertility treatments to couples from all over the world.

With Prof. Fatemi′s international expertise and region-specific know-how, in collaboration with IVI Spain, IVI Middle East brings exceptional standards of processes, protocols and policies that have helped over 100,000 births. This successful partnership ensures the best technology and monitoring, high standard of professionalism and a team of experienced doctors and well-trained medical staff – making IVI Middle East a scientific leader.

IVI Middle East has a dedicated International Patient Service Centre that facilitatesinternational patients. Upon arrival, an International Patient Relation Officer is assigned to the patient throughout their stay. Our extensive understanding and appreciation of the diverse needs of international patients enables us to offer them a comprehensive range of infertility treatments, besides all their medical, personal and logistical needs, from greeting them when they land until their successful discharge and departure. With our international team, we will be able to support you during your treatment here with a native speaker in English, Persian, Dutch, German, French, Serbian and Arabic.

The International Patient Services team ensures that at the time of discharge you receive the right information and education, including translated materials and consolidated bills. The team will also discuss and plan your follow-up visits and future treatment needs in your home country.

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