You can request an appointment at our centre through:

  • our website www.ivivf.com
  • by sending us an email ([email protected])
  • getting in touch with us on the phone (phone number +971 2 6667049)

Our patient care staff will take down:

  • your personal details;
  • a brief summary of the reason for your first visit;
  • whether you have had previous fertility treatment;
  • if you have had any fertility tests or investigations;


This is so that the doctor can prepare for your visit.

The following are some of the questions that our Patient Care staff will ask you and recommendations they will make:

  • Have you undergone any previous treatments at another centre?
  • Have you had any previous fertility investigations(like blood tests; laparoscopy or hysteroscopy; any tests checking the fallopian tubes)done? If so, you should bring the results/reports along on your first visit.
  • Also you will be asked to bring your marriage certificate and Emirates ID card or passport with you for yourself and your spouse at the first visit

Your reception at IVI Middle East

A few days before your first visit, you will get a call from our Patient Care staff to confirm the day and time of your appointment.

Once you have arrived at the center, and before you go in for your consultation, we will take a photocopy of your passport/Emirates ID andask you to present your marriage certificate. We will make a note of your personal details in your medical record, and we will give you some information about the centre.

Your medical consultation

Assessment and diagnosis: Your consultation with the doctor begins with a review of your medical history, your reproductive background and any treatments you have received or be undergoing at the time of your visit. It is a good idea to bring any reports or results concerning your previous medical history along with you on your first visit. Once your medical history has been reviewed, the doctor will be able to determine any additional tests (e.g. blood tests, gynaecological examination and an ultrasound) that may be required. You will be kept informed at all times about the results of each of the tests performed.

Treatment orientation: At this point, if the doctor has all of the necessary information available, they will finalise the treatment to be carried out, the medication required, and any possible complementary tests. It is possible that on some occasions, the doctor will need to have a particular result available before establishing the course of treatment. In that case, the definitive treatment plan will be drawn up during the second visit.

The Spermiogramm

In order to complete the diagnosis, it will also be necessary to assess the semen. The spermiogramm test provides information abouth the quality of spermatozoa, the count motility and morphology, and to detect any potential irregularities. To perform this test, a serological test also needs to be done in advance. All of these tests can be done in our IVI Middle East fertility centre.

Cost estimation

Once your consultation with the doctor is over, our Patient Care department will provide you with a detailed cost estimation. This will include both the techniques relating to the suggested treatment and the prior analyses and tests requested by the doctor.


  • Please bring with you any previous tests or reports that you have had done
  • Please bring your health insurance card
  • You must bring your passport or your Emirates ID
  • You must bring your marriage certificate

Here we will give you a short overview of the treatments for infertility. Please note, that your treatment plan will be made up according to your history, your needs and the requirements by the previous investigations. So there is a chance that your treatment will be slightly different to the techniques described in the subsequent pages.

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