Infertility is a medical condition that touches all aspects of life. It may affect the relationship, the perspective on life and the feeling about oneself. Most people can benefit from the support of family, friends and medical care givers.

Support counselling aims to give emotional support to patient experiencing distress. Distress can be caused by the frustration of the desire for a child, social and family pressure as well as by the reproductive technology employed and its limitations. Such distress motivates the need for emotional support from many sources (such as family member, partner, and support groups).

The process of fertility investigations and treatment can impact individuals at a deep emotional level and is often stressful for patients. It can be an anxious time for the couple. Individuals will be affected differently, but many may experience these common emotions: anger, envy and guilt, loss of control, social isolation, anxiety and low mood.

Nurturing your relationship during fertility treatment

A central principle for tackling and coping with infertility is to make couple’s relationship the number one priority. It is important that partners remain supportive and wherever possible attend important medical appointments and treatment together. Communication is the key to any successful relationship especially when the couple is experiencing life stressor such as infertility. Patients are advised that during conversations it is helpful to not blame.

Counseling services provided in IVI Middle East Fertility center aims to explore, understand and resolve issues from infertility and infertility treatment and to clarify ways of dealing with the problem more effectively. Our staff consider the needs of the patient and the couple and any other person who might be affected by the treatment process and the decisions that have to be made.

During then process of IVF/ICSI treatment, our experienced counselor aims to create a supportive environment for the couple and to reduce the possible stress that might be generated during the treatment.

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