When a couple is ready to have a baby, it is possible that this process may take some time. In such a situation rather than losing patience and feeling depressed you may do many things which can boost your chances of having a baby. One of these is creating a conducive (helpful) environment.

Infertility, can be caused by a wide range of issues. But a couple must try for atleast one year and have a medical examination to confirm it before jumping to any conclusions. During the time of trying for a baby small and simple changes may just help you become pregnant.

Rule out any medical issues

Talk to your doctor and rule out any medical conditions like masses or cysts in the pelvic region can make you temporarily infertile. It is important that like the external environment the womb too should be conducive to support a pregnancy. The following conditions also prevent pregnancy and should be treated first:

  • Ovarian cyst
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Inflammation in the uterine lining

Men too should have themselves evaluated for infections or sexually transmitted diseases can be an obstruction in conception.

Ensure a Healthy Lifestyle and Avoid Stress

An all-round healthy lifestyle can naturally help overcome fertility issues. It is proven that stress can hugely interfere with the reproductive function. It can affect libido, cause hormone imbalance and even affect the ovulation and menstrual cycle in women. So, learn to relax, as it may just help you have a baby.

Keep the Environment Cool

Temperature of the surroundings affects the menstrual cycle in women and sperm production in men.

This is why the testicles are positioned away from the body, as they remain cooler than the body temperature. Excess heat may cause sperm death, which is why hot tubs and whirlpools are best avoided and staying in boxer shorts is not only comfortable but healthy for sperm.

Also, for women it is recommended that they keep the environmental temperature around them cool as it supports ovulation and maturing of the follicles.

Remain Calm, and Talk About Anxiety

One mistake that couples tend to do is blame one another or themselves for the delay in having a child or pregnancy failure. The best thing to do is not to stress yourself or your partner, remain calm and not be anxious about the pregnancy test each month when you are trying. Sometimes it may take uptoan year for a healthy couple to actually conceive. The best thing you can do is talk to one another and be understanding of each others anxiety and try to keep stress-free.

Stress just adds more difficulty in conception. Try doing fun activities together, keep the home environment stress-free, turn on some music. Basically whatever helps you both in diverting from the topic of baby-making will help in creating a calm and favorable environment for conceiving.

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