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Headquartered in Valencia, Spain, Equipo IVI is the world′s foremost provider of infertility treatments with 70 clinics worldwide and is at the forefront of clinical research in the area of Reproductive Medicine. Equipo IVI established its first clinic in the Middle East in May 2015 in Abu Dhabi, the second clinic in Dubai in 2016 followed by the third clinic in Muscat in 2017. Incidences of infertility in the Middle East are increasing with an estimated 5 to 6 million couples facing a challenge in conceiving naturally. Hence, there is a clear need for institutional providers of quality IVF services. Our mission is to offer world-class infertility treatments using internationally acceptable protocols that are result-oriented, affordable and delivered across conveniently located clinics. We receive a lot of patients from all over the Middle East for IVF treatments and believe that with our strong presence in Abu Dhabi, high quality, advanced fertility treatments are now more accessible to the couples in the region. IVI has delivered over 160,000 babies worldwide and has a success rate of over 70% in the Middle East. Patient safety and personalized treatments are the core ethos of the IVI Group.

Our Middle East clinics are led by the renowned fertility subspecialist Prof. Dr. Human Fatemi (Medical Director) along with a highly experienced team of IVF specialists and embryologists. In a short span of two years, our clinics have achieved amongst the highest success rates in the world and pregnancies rate with 1.1 embryos transferred per cycle.

At IVI clinics, couples now have an opportunity to turn hope into happiness as they can avail international quality fertility treatments at affordable costs.

Abu Dhabi

Villa No. B22-23, Marina Village,
Behind Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Services at IVI fertility Abu Dhabi Include

  • Consultations & Diagnostics
  • Ovarian Stimulation
  • In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF)
  • Intra-Cytoplasmatic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Cryopreservation/Vitrification: Oocyte
  • Blastocyst Culture
  • Laser Assisted Hatching
  • Andrology
  • Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS)
  • Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
  • Carrier Genetic Test (CGT)
  • Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA)
  • Products of Conception using Array CGH (POC)

Our Team of Fertility Experts


Dr. Human Fatemi

Medical Director, IVI Middle East Fertility Clinics

Prof. Dr. Human M. Fatemi graduated as an MD in 1999 from the “Vrije Universiteit Brussel” with magnum cum laude. In 2008, he was recognized as a subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery by the European Society of Human Reproduction (ESHRE) and the European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (EBCOG). He is a world-renowned consultant in the field of fertility treatments with over 200 publications. Prof. Dr. Fatemi was a senior consultant for over 14 years at the Center for Reproductive Medicine (CRG) at CZ Brussels. He has 7 years experience in the Middle East and specializes in treating region-specific causes of infertility.

barbara lawrenz

Dr. Barbara Lawrenz

Consultant–Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Barbara Lawrenz obtained her Medical Degree from Germany in 1989 and completed her specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics in 1995. In 2004, she also gained expertise in Obstetrics and Prenatal Medicine followed by Gynecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Lawrenz is an expert in fertility preservation before cytotoxic therapy in women with malignant diseases and fertility preservation for those undergoing cancer treatment and cancer survivors. She has authored/co-authored 33 pub-med reviewed articles in international journals and additional articles in various prestigious German journals. Dr. Lawrenz was the Head of the IVF Department at Women´s University Hospital Tübingen, Germany and is an esteemed member of the European Society of Human Reproduction (ESHRE).


Dr. Laura Melado Vidales

Specialist – Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Laura Melado Vidales obtained her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Degree from the Autonoma University of Madrid (1996-2002). She has practiced medicine at University Hospitals: Hospital Puerta de Hierro and La Paz in Madrid. In addition to Obstetrics and Gynecology, she also specializes in Reproductive Endocrinogy IVF for Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD). She has been a member of the Spanish Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology since 2003.


Dr. Francisco Ruiz

Specialist – IVF

Dr. Francisco Javier Ruiz Flores attained his Masters Degree in Human Reproduction from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad in 2010, Madrid, Spain. He is a renowned specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility and has worked as the human reproduction specialist at IVI Mexico and IVI Madrid previously. Apart from Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility, his other areas of research include endometriosis and infertility and poor ovarian response.